The Freudian Slips are Kamloops' hottest improv team, and they're Chimera Theatre's most consistent project. The Slips perform roughly every two weeks, alternating between regular improv (think Theatre Sports or Whose Line is it Anyway) and our signature D&D Improv. 

Their current season is 80s themed, with each show being a subset of that theme like our upcoming Sitcom improv and our past Wall Street Crash and Breakfast Club shows. These shows are great for a laugh and make a great introduction to who we are as a troupe.


Our D&D Improv is another beast entirely. With a more consistent cast of characters, we undertake the herculean task of creating a

semi-serialized story across each of our shows. Think of it like a fantasy TV show that airs once a month instead of once a week. 

We call it semi-serialized because any one show stands on it's own and can be watched without any prior knowledge. However, if you can manage to make it out to a bunch of them in a row, you'll find how effective these characters are at capturing your heart as they change and grow across multiple shows. 


Boomerangst by George Johnson is our next mainstage production. Scheduled for Fall/Winter of 2022, Boomerangst is an eco-comedy of great esteem.


The play follows protagonist James Brown (not that James Brown) as he tries to get his highschool band back together to start a commune on the farm he has inherited from his Uncle Thwacker. From their 40-year highschool reunion to the daily trials of life on a farm, Boomerangst promises a rockin' good time. But that's not all! The local mining company has their sights set on his farm, and they'll spare no expense to get possession of it. 

Boomerangst was part of the 2022 New Play Series.