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April 9th, 16th & 23rd, 2016 | 2PM to 5PM

The Actors' Intensive is a nine hour course over three weeks actors who are currently pursuing or seriously interested in pursuing professional careers. It is currently being offered on an invitation basis only.

The goal of our work together will be to challenge you to go deeper - to progress beyond what you have been capable of up to this point.  Along with a focused group of like-minded actors, we will attack current theatre scripts with the goal of becoming better actors. 


We will start from where you are and work to strip away tricks and safety nets, to use the structure of objectives and tactical work to try to get to impulse and play in your performance.  The goal here, firstly, is to get closer to the truth.  The truth of theatre acting which comes from finding interlock with a scene partner - the game of act/react - that you can only find when you are being honest with yourself.  Secondly, you will learn to make strong and interesting choices.  These choices will, in turn, make your acting stronger, both in the audition room and when you get the part.


Our work will begin with a short warm up designed to move you from the noise of your daily life to the focused arena of theatre.  We will then work intensively on scenes from the current repertoire.  Actors will have the opportunity to play characters close to their own age.  Everyone will have a chance to tear into a scene to explore and develop the techniques and strategies we discuss.  Equally valuable will be the time you will spend watching your colleagues challenge themselves in their work.


(This is a course for actors who are currently pursuing or seriously interested in pursuing professional careers.)



For more information on this or any of our other education programs, email

About Holly Lewis

Holly Lewis is an actor, writer, and acting coach with 20 years of experience on screen and professional stages across the country and internationally.  She has twice been nominated for Dora Awards (the Toronto theatre awards) for outstanding performance.  She has performed at the Arts Club in Vancouver and Western Canada Theatre in B.C., as well as Soulpepper, Tarragon Theatre, Canadian Stage, Factory Theatre, Theatre Passe Muraille, Grand Theatre (London), Theatre Aquarius and Neptune Theatre.  She co-starred inThese Girls alongside Bones star, David Boreanas, which premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival.  Along with a number of guest starring roles on TV shows, Holly had a recurring role on the acclaimed CBC TV series The Newsroom as well as Train 48.  She has been coaching professional actors for 10 years for auditions as well as working as the text coach for Project X’s Romeo and Juliet.  


For Chimera Theatre she has taught The Audacious Audition Workshop as part of the 2014/2015 Workshop Series




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