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Hydra Festival 2024 is
May 2-4th, 9-11th!

Chimera Theatre is hosting the 2024 Hydra Festival in May at The Effie Art Collective (422 Tranquille). There will be a wide selection of performing arts - including some never-before-seen at Hydra Festival. 

Tickets available here!


Want to volunteer at the festival? Fill out this form

The Freudian Slips are Kamloops' hottest improv team, and they're Chimera Theatre's most consistent project. The Slips perform roughly every two weeks, alternating between regular improv (think Theatre Sports or Whose Line is it Anyway) and our signature D&D Improv. 


Our D&D Improv is another beast entirely. With a more consistent cast of characters, we undertake the herculean task of creating a

semi-serialized story across each of our shows. Think of it like a fantasy TV show that airs once a month instead of once a week. 

We call it semi-serialized because any one show stands on it's own and can be watched without any prior knowledge. However, if you can manage to make it out to a bunch of them in a row, you'll find how effective these characters are at capturing your heart as they change and grow across multiple shows. 


In addition to performing in front of you, we can teach you and your group some games and play them with you, or we can do a murder mystery together! 

To book us for your birthday, bachelorette, work event, or other party please email


New Play Series is the perfect platform for local playwrights to have their work heard. Our services offer playwrights the chance to have their scripts read aloud and receive feedback from experienced professionals. The scripts can then be performed in front of an audience, giving the writer the chance to receive valuable feedback from the audience and improve their work.

Are you a local playwright? Do you want the opportunity to hear you play read out loud before a crowd to gauge their reactions? Submit your play for the new play series today by emailing

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