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Hydra Festival takes place at The Effie Arts Collective

(422 Tranquille)

Hydra Festival is Kamloops quintessential performing arts festival. Taking place in May each year, Hydra Festival provides artists a platform to unveil new work and gives audiences the opportunity to take in a wide range of productions. Previous years have included: staged readings, concerts, scripted plays, improv, puppetry, talk shows and more! 


The audience waits patiently for Tamarack House Productions' 'Sumthing' to start, Hydra Festival 2022

Hydra Festival is also the home of the Gnomie awards!

Don't worry about getting gnominated, they're open ballot awards in categories like "Best Overall Show" "Best Tech/Design" and "Festival VIP". Voting takes place throughout the festival, and the Gnomies are awarded at our closing ceremonies. 


TJ McCallum and Brendan Law of the Freudian Slips (left) as guests on the award-winning 'Tonight's the Night with Zorblax, Destroyer of Worlds', Hydra Festival 2019

Not right now, we're in the middle of a festival! But you can get ready to submit for next year's festival. The guidelines probably aren't going to change very much.

But you absolutely can next year, that's what the festival is for. You're just going to need to bring the whole thing yourself. You can view the 2024 Festival Submission guidelines here, to get an idea of what you'll need to submit.

The gist of it is:

  • You are responsible for all aspects of production – casting, rehearsals, design, direction, promotion, budgeting.

  • We will provide a stage manager/technician, but if you bring your own stage manager they can call your show.

  • You bring specialty technical equipment (ie. projectors, monitors, lapel mics, pianos, keyboards, fog machines)

  • 50/50 split of box office

Please direct any questions to

Above: the borders of life are about to be explored in "The Transoulition Institution", Hydra Festival 2019

Right: Paul Rancourt, Kennedy Crane, and Nich Gulycz take a bow after a rousing performance of 'Brothers', Hydra Festival 2019




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