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Presented by Chimera Theatre

May (or so) 2023

Kamloops, BC

Hydra Festival is Kamloops' premiere theatre festival produced by Chimera Theatre. Started in 2018, the festival continues to be a place to perform bold and innovative art.


You can submit a show! Submissions are open until March 1st, 2023. You'll need to tell us about yourself (or selves) and your show, send us a couple of paragraphs of information and send us $20 ((or $10 if you have a Chimera theatre membership) or $0 if it's before December 31st, 2022 or if you ask nicely)). To submit your show please email 

Okay, if you haven't found what you're looking for, keep reading for the real nitty-gritty of the whole thing.

The Hydra Festival is a recurring curated festival produced in Kamloops, BC. Our mission statement is “to host a performing arts festival in Kamloops featuring local, innovative new works of performing arts with a focus on reaching broader and more diverse artists and audiences.”


The goal of the festival is to get many different performing artists and companies in Kamloops together in a "you show me yours, I'll show you mine"-type extravaganza. We encourage artists of diverse backgrounds and artistic practises, especially artists who consider themselves a minority or underrepresented in the performing arts community, to apply. Local performing arts companies are also encouraged to apply. Performing arts include, but are not limited to, theatre, dance, music, circus arts, multimedia (including video), theatre for young audiences, cabaret, musical theatre, physical theatre, puppetry, clown, improvisation, spoken word, storytelling, stand up, and interdisciplinary performances. Do you have something even weirder than any of those? We'd love to hear about it. 


Submissions to the festival will be reviewed by a jury and selected based on the guidelines below.

The guidelines for the festival are simple, we are looking for work that is local, new, has a focus on innovation, and can fit into a festival repertory schedule. 

i) Local - The festival is being held in Kamloops, BC. If you consider yourself a local or ex-patriot to the Kamloops region, you can apply.


ii) New Work - The focus of the festival is on previously unproduced, original works of performing arts. Pieces that have been produced before and have undergone considerable changes will be considered. Works that have been workshopped or presented at readings or in education settings will be considered.

iii) Focus on Innovation - We are aiming to provide as much diversity in art to an as diverse an audience as possible. Because of this, we are looking for works of performing arts that focus on being innovative. What is innovative? Innovative art is a work that explores new ideas, methods of performance, creative ways of thinking, and original performance styles. Artistic risk, non-traditional work and forms, and progressive forms of storytelling are encouraged. If you are interested in exploring your artistic practice in new ways, Hydra Festival is the place for you. But even if what you're doing is run-of-the-mill, still feel free to apply!

iv) Festival Repertory -  We are looking for fully-produced shows, which are relatively “light” in their production requirements and can be performed in a tight festival repertory schedule (shows with big set installations or extraordinary technical needs may not be possible). The performances should be 30 to 75 minutes and cannot have an intermission.


Deadline to submit is 11:59pm on March 1st, 2022. Late or incomplete submissions may not be accepted, or at the least, the submitter lightly teased.


Hail Hydra! Submissions must include the following documents attached to the application as .pdf files, or in the text of your email to

i) Bio(s) for the leading artists/company - 250 words maximum (for each if including more than one leading artist on the project) that details their artistic practise, history of performance/creation, and training/educational background.

ii) A proposal - We’re looking for fully thought out ideas with as much detail as possible. Tell us about your show - what's it about, how much do you have done already, what is the final result going to look like.

Please also include how it meets the guidelines listed above, why we should select your piece, and an evaluation of feasibility on how you will execute your production if chosen. 

iii) A brief project history - Please provide a history of the project that details any workshops, readings, contests it’s won, nominations it’s received, or other performances of the work. New works that are still in the formulation/ideas stages are highly encouraged and the project history can state that it is a new work in progress.

Submit applications to the Hydra Festival Committee, at with the subject line “HYDRA FESTIVAL SUBMISSION.” Please introduce yourself and provide contact information in the email.


What we provide:

Successful applicants will receive a minimum of three scheduled performances in a venue to be announced, with festival technical, promotional, and box office support. This includes:

●     A venue and stage for your performance.

●     A technical rehearsal will be scheduled with a professional technician, who will run your show. You are not required to bring       

       your own stage manager (but you're welcome to).

●     A Front of House team at each of your performances.

●     Box Office volunteers at the door and advance ticket sales (there is a fee for advance ticket sales).

●     Blanket festival promotion, including festival posters, social media, program guide, press releases, and arranging interviews

       with the media. We can also help you with your own press releases and media communication if you require.

●     50/50 split of the box office receipts and a set ticket price (TBD).

What you provide:

A fully produced show, ready to be seen by an audience.

●     An email address and contact person we can reach on a regular basis.

●     Tech and promotional material ON TIME when we request it.

●     All your food, travel, work permits (if required), production, union fees, and artist fee expenses.

●     Your own show-specific promotional materials (posters, flyers, social media) which YOU distribute. You may also promote your show independently with the Kamloops media if you desire.

●     Specialty technical equipment (ie. projectors, monitors, lapel mics, pianos, keyboards, fog machines…)

●     You are responsible for all aspects of production – casting, rehearsals, design, direction, promotion, budgeting. We provide blanket promotion, space, tech, and support for you to share your work, and opportunities to connect with audiences and other festival artists socially.

Is there an submission or application fee for this festival?​​​​

Yes, there is an application fee of $20. Chimera Members have a discounted rate of $10, with a Chimera Membership of $10. Early submissions are free!

How many shows are you expecting to program?

This year we plan to program 5 -7  productions through this application process.

What if I have my own stage manager? Can I bring them?

Yes, please do! We will provide a stage manager and technician, but if you bring your own stage manager you'll just have an extra set of hands. 

How are performances selected?
As this is a curated festival, the shows for the Hydra Festival are selected by a jury based on the application guidelines listed above.

When will I hear back?

We will announce the successful applicants by mid-February 2024.

What happens if I don’t get in?

Applicants who are not chosen will be placed on a waitlist in the event that a performance needs to be cancelled.

Do I do my own promotion?

Yes. The Hydra Festival will cover blanket festival promotion, including festival posters, social media, program guide, press releases and arranging interviews with the media. You will be responsible for your own show-specific promotional materials (posters, flyers, social media) which YOU distribute.

What kind of technical equipment do you have?

That's kind of a wide question - we can play sound through the PA and light the stage any colour you want.  All venue technical equipment and tech support are provided, including sound and lighting equipment, but excluding special effects such as video projectors, screens, haze machines, keyboards, etc. Change-over time between performances is limited.

Covid-19 Protection and Contingency

All performances will be in accordance with the BC Health Authority’s Guidelines and Regulations. If live performances are prohibited at the time of the festival, then the festival will continue in an online format.







and quick faq 

q. when is the festival and where is it?


It's in Kamloops in the first two weekends of May

q. what kind of shows will I see there?


Our previous festivals have had theatre, stand-up comedy, puppetry, burlesque, music, improv, magic, hypnotism and more! 

q. can I get tickets?


Soon, my friend, soon. Let us get some shows first, then we'll have tickets for you and even festival passes. 

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