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Former high school rockers, James, Isobell, Dave, Rex, and Tasia form a boomer retirement commune to get back to
the garden of their youthful ideals. They dig up more dirt than they can handle before uniting and rocking out against a mining company threatening their land. 

Boomerangst will rivet boomers, who are underrepresented in theatre, while also appealing to generations following. As the judges of the Wiki Screenplay Contest stated, "[Boomerangst] delighted both the reader-analysts
and judges” and we know it will delight you too!

Boomerangst is high concept, since most people want the chance to live out their youthful ideals,
and it tackles environmental issues faced by everyone. It's quirky, it's fun, it's inspiring! What's not to like?

Boomerangst will premiere on June 8th at the Pavilion Theatre in Kamloops, BC. 

More details to come soon, when we'll be announcing auditions and more!

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