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Presented by Chimera Theatre

in partnership with Actors Workshop Theatre

May 23rd to June 1st 2019

Actors Workshop Theatre | 835 University Drive, Kamloops

The Hydra Performing Arts Festival is a festival for theatre, dance, and music in Kamloops, BC presented by Chimera Theatre in partnership with Actors Workshop Theatre. For our second year, we have an exciting collection of eleven new works by Kamloops artists with a focus on interdisciplinary art and challenging theatrical form. With comedies, dramas, burlesque, puppetry, and shows ranging from all ages to adults only, there's sure to be something for everyone at the Hydra Festival!


Arron Butowski Bodybreak

Arron Butowski

Written/Created by: Aaron Shufletoski

45 mins • PG 14 • Stand up comedy

Thur, May 23rd - 9:30 pm

Sat, May 25th - 3:45 pm

Sat, June 1st - 6:45 pm

Arron Butowski has his first full length stand up comedy show "Bodybreak". These are the true, hilarious, and, sometimes, cringe-inducing stories of struggling to have a positive body image after growing up in the 80s with professional wrestling role models and attempting to be an athlete with no sporting ability.

Backstage Poster 1.jpg

Backstage Bargain

Gilda Lily and the Chorus Girls

Written/Created by: Bonnie McLean

50 mins • All Ages  • Musical Theatre

Fri, May 24th - 9:00 pm

Sat, May 25th - 7:00 pm

Sat, June 1st - 3:00 pm

Gilda Lily has the dream of becoming a BIG stage star and decides do whatever she needs to do to achieve that end, including making a deal with the Mephistopheles. Fairly certain she can outwit the fiend in the bargain, Gilda and her troupe of motley performers wait for their glorious moment of fame. In the meantime they bide their time onstage singing and dancing... and waiting...

Brothers 5a.png


Paul Rancourt

Written/Created by: Paul Rancourt

45 mins • All Ages: Extremely Course Language, Adult Themes, Violence • Drama

Sun, May 26th  - 12:00 pm

Thur, May 30th - 9:30 pm

Sat, June 1st - 8:00 pm

He died. Over there. He is gone. The ones that loved him remain. Their lives have been changed, but he is still dead.

Tonight's The Night logo colour, better.

Tonight's The Night with Zorblax
Destroyer of Worlds

Dan Ondang & Ashley Hiibner

Written/Created by: Dan Ondang & Ashley Hiibner

45 mins • PG 14: Course Language, Adult Themes • Alien Talk Show

Sun, May 26th - 1:15 pm

Fri, May 31st - 7:15 pm

Sat, June 1st - 5:30 pm

Zorblax is a charismatic talk show host and art critic broadcasting Kamloops' Hydra Festival live and uncut back to his home planet. Don't miss your chance to be part of his live studio audience!

PROGRAM IMAGE Hits Like a Girl. ft Devon

Devon More: Hits Like A Girl

Devon More Music

Written/Created by: Devon More

70 mins • All Ages • Masterful Musical Storytelling

Thur, May 23rd - 8:00 pm

Sat, May 25th - 2:00 pm

Sun, May 26th - 7:45 pm

Welcome to a one-of-a-kind assembly line in a factory fabricating hit songs that hit the spot. Wielding live wires and pulling no punch lines, Devon More hits like a girl with her “masterful blend of musical storytelling” (-Plank Magazine). Switch the hit parade to these strange arrangements that one-hit wonder about executive dysfunction.


Grow On, Grow Forth

Kayly Erno and Jyelle Vogel

Written/Created by: Kayly Erno and Jyelle Vogul

40 mins • All Ages • Multilingual Shadow Play

Sun, May 26th - 3:30 pm

Fri, May 31th - 6:00 pm

Sat, June 1st - 4:15 pm

A visual adventure of shadow imagery. When two wounded souls meet in a neglected garden they learn that there is healing, resilience, and new beginnings to be found when they let ecosystems lead by example.


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Tits 'n Anarchy Production

Written/Created by: Ms Coco Creme - co-written by Trina Budai

60 mins • Adults Only: Extremely Coarse Language, Adult Themes, Nudity, Violence • Satirical Burlesque Theatre

Sat, May 25th - 8:15 pm

Sun, May 26th - 9:30 pm

Sat, June 1st - 9:15 pm

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Other Deaths of the Universe show image.

Other Deaths of the Universe

Andrew G. Cooper

Written/Created by: Andrew G. Cooper

65 mins • PG 14: Course Language/Adult Themes • Comsological Self-Exploration

Fri, May 24th - 6:00 pm

Sat, May 25th - 9:30 pm

Sun, May 26th - 6:15 pm

All things must die. Plants, people, planets, even the universe itself will one day come to an end. Blending cosmology and storytelling, this performance explores connection and disconnection, relationships and loneliness. Come on a journey of science and sex to explore the universe from its inception to its inevitable fate.


A Slip In Time

The Freudian Slips

Written/Created by: Taylor James McCallum/The Freudian Slips

60 mins • Adults Only: Extremely Course Language, Nudity, Violence • Improvised Roleplaying Adventure

Sat, May 25th - 12:30 pm

Thur, May 30th - 8:15 pm

Fri, May 31st - 9:15 pm

There are two great powers in this world - the audience, and the dice. Dungeons & Dragons unites with long-form improv in this raucous medieval adventure. Join The Freudian Slips at the Hydra Festival for a unique improv experience where the roll of a 1 can change a whole show.


The Transoulition Institution

Failure Party/NAV

Written/Created by: Peter Navratil

30 mins • PG 14: Coarse Language/Adult Themes • Provocative Participatory Comedy

Sat, May 25th - 5:00 pm

Sun, May 26th - 2:30 pm

Thur, May 30th - 7:30 pm

The Transoulition Institution is a dark comedy hosted by a loveable disgraced Doctor and their AI computer. Posing questions about death, the subconscious and our perceptions of time The T.I offers a bold exploration into what it means to be human.

Jewels of the Desert in red.jpg


Dela Coutts

Written/Created by: Dela Coutts

30 mins • PG 14+: Adult Themes

Sat, May 25th - 6:00 pm

Fri, May 31st - 8:15 pm

Sat, June 1st - 2:00 pm

From an early age Dela Coutts studied all styles of dance in her home town of Kamloops. After competing in numerous festivals and receiving recognition for her work, Dela went on to pursue a professional dance career, taking her to over 23 countries. PULSE will feature many different styles of dance.


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