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by The Brothers Grimm, adapted by Andrew G. Cooper

Regina Fringe, Winnipeg Fringe, Victoria Fringe, Vancouver Fringe

An impoverished miller seeks a better life for his only daughter by arranging her marriage to a wealthy stranger. She wants to help her family, but something wicked lurks in the woods where her bridegroom lives... Chimera Theatre brings back their dark adaptation of this classic Brothers Grimm fairy tale through puppetry and physical theatre that “had even skeptical audience members on the edge of their seats and scared.” - Kamloops This Week

“If adult, horror, puppet, folktales delight you, then this is a show for you.” - The YYScene



Ensemble 4 - Mother/Little Girl 

Ensemble 2 - Wife/Bridegroom

Ensemble 3 - Daughter/Old Woman

Ensemble 1 - Maid


Ashley Hiibner

Deedra Salange Ladouceur

Victoria Skorobohach

Madeleine Taylor-Gregg



Director/Adapter/Puppet Designer

Costume Designer

Set and Original Lighting Design

Scenic Artist

Sound Designer

Head of Properties/Production Assistant


Puppet Consultant/Builder

Puppet/Scenic Art Assistant

Properties/Set Assistant

Costumes Assistant

Original Production Devisors

Andrew G. Cooper

Maddison Hartloff

Jared Raschke

Brittney Martens

Lukas Vanderlip

Kayly Erno

Joel Feenstra

Juanita Dawn

Ashley Hiibner

Deedra Salange Ladouceur

Victoria Skorobohach

Maddison Hartloff, Brittney Martens, and Melissa Purcha

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The Brothers Grimm - Authors

Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm, commonly known as the Brothers Grimm, were German academics, philologists, cultural researchers, lexicographers, and authors who together collected and published folklore during the 19th century. They were among the first and best-known collectors of folk tales and their classic collection Children and Household Tales (Kinder- und Hausmärchen) was originally published in two volumes, in 1812 and in 1815. The brothers were sons of a lawyer, both born in Hanau in present day Germany, Jacob in 1785 and Wilhelm in 1786. The seventh and final edition of their fairy tale collection was published in 1857, and included over 200 stories. Their folk tales endure in popularity to today and are adapted into new mediums around the world and in many different countries and languages.

Andrew G. Cooper - Adapter

Andrew G. Cooper is an award-winning playwright, theatre director, and performer living in Calgary, AB. His short play The Grind received first place at Theatre New Vintage’s 10-minute Playwriting Competition in 2017 and third place in Judge’s Choice in the Wildcard Finals for the 2018 Short + Sweet Festival in Sydney, Australia. Perseus & Andromeda, which Andrew adapted from Euripides’ Andromeda, won Best of Fest at the 2018 Hydra Performing Arts Festival and his fairy tale comedy The Untold Tales of the Brothers Grimm was nominated for both Best New Play and Best Comedy at the Victoria Fringe Festival in 2015. He has been commissioned to write five productions for Tranquille Tunnel Theatre including The Disordered Mind and The Witness. He adapted Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein for the stage and its production with Chimera Theatre set a new record for audience attendance with the company. Andrew received his Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Arts and English from Thompson Rivers University and is a recipient of the Kamloops Mayor’s Emerging Artist of the Year Award.

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