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by Andrew G. Cooper

March 9th to 12th, 2016

Pavilion Theatre|Kamloops, BC

In an alternate earth where superhuman abilities have become increasingly common, a team of young not-so-super heroes get caught up in mystery that could shatter the world they live in. Someone has broken into the Superhero Registry Database of the Department of Superhuman Affairs and now superheroes everywhere live in fear of their weaknesses and secret identities being revealed. It's up to the young heroes with mediocre superpowers to set things back to how they were or choose to alter the course of superhuman history forever. Riotously fun and entertaining, this new comedy is filled with mistaken identities, physical comedy, hijinks and superhero fight scenes.


Suitable for ages 8 and up.


Previous praise for Andrew G. Cooper's work:


"Cooper’s script was well-written, entertaining and funny. His untold tales were clever, inventive and creative and seemed fresh in comparison to better-known worlds like Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty, towing the line between funny and heart-felt."

Adam Williams, Kamloops This Week


"Historically accurate and factual, the production is both informative and entertaining. Andrew G. Cooper has created an amazing, interactive tour that everyone will enjoy."

Trina Budai, The Northshore Echo

Meet the SuperZeroes:
T. Punch


Superhero Officer T. Punch has the power of telekinesis and uses it to throw some powerful punches.

Video by Jordan Nicholson. Featuring Wyatt Purcha as T. Punch.

Meet the SuperZeroes:

Red Robin


Red Robin posses supersonic superpowers. Video by Jordan Nicholson.


Featuring Maddison Hartloff as Red Robin.

Meet the SuperZeroes:

Sam Summers


Sam Summers has the power of time dilation.

Video by Jordan Nicholson. Featuring Brooke Ballam as Sam Summers.




Thank you to everyone who auditioned.

Brooke Ballam

Jessica Buchanan

Shelyse Cameron

Maddison Hartloff

Dan Ondang

Wyatt Purcha




Sam Summers

Lily LeBlanc

Morgan Anderson

Elizabeth/as Cast

Matt Norman

Edwin Harris/as Cast


Brittany McCarthy

Andrew G. Cooper

Taylor McCallum

Lina Higgins

Bex Binder

Jared Raschke

Joel Feenstra

Bex Binder



Movement Director

Production Manager

Stage Manager

Assistant Stage Manager

Set & Light Designer

Properties Master & Scenic Artist

Production Assistant




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