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The Tranquillian Soldier

by Mackenzie Cassel

Produced in collaboration with Tranquille Tunnel Tours

September 5th to November 2nd

4600 Tranquille Road|Kamloops, BC

Nathan Nesbit, a World War I lieutenant, and Mary Ferguson, a nurse in training, meet at the Tranquille Sanatorium in 1917 when Nathan arrives for treament of his tuberculosis. Their common love of journalism brings them together as they seek a story authorities do not want told through an underground newspaper called "The Tranquillian".


This riveting love story is presented as part of an interactive tour hybridized with theatre that explores the historical Tranquille buildings as well as the background on the true story of these brave individuals.

The Tranquillian Soldier - 
CBC Kamloops Daybreak Interview

Shelley Joyce, host of Daybreak Kamloops on CBC Kamloops Radio, interviews Andrew G. Cooper and Brooke Ballam about Tranquille Tunnel Tours and Chimera Theatre's production of "The Tranquillian Soldier."

"...both creepy and cool."
- The North Shore Echo


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